Fun for the family a stone’s throw away

If you feel you’ve exhausted all of Singapore’s fun options, look no further – fun is just across the causeway



When was the last time your entire family took a little road trip to spend a whole day or more having fun together?

If you need time to think, it’s been too long. Your itinerary for a fun day trip doesn’t have to cost a bomb when there are exciting options waiting just across the causeway.

Malaysia has more than enough theme parks that offer quality fun. In fact, Johor Bahru itself has more than enough fun to keep an entire family – young and old – occupied. Think that you’ve been there, done that? Malaysia has added several new theme parks to its list, and updated existing ones.

Here are just two of the theme parks.

Legoland Malaysia Resort – Fun for all in the family

Those little bricks we’ve been playing with as kids now make up an entire theme park. Legoland Malaysia is still the only Legoland in Asia. And we have it right next door – lucky us. Legoland Malaysia Resort brings together a Legoland Park, Water Park and Hotel in one Lego-themed location.


It is a family holiday destination with more than 70 hands-on rides, slides, shows and attractions. Almost everything is hands-on, so you can push, pedal and programme, or steer, squirt and splash your way through a truly interactive experience – and of course there’s Lego building too.

Prefer spending your time in water with the scorching sun? The Legoland Water Park that can be enjoyed separately or in combination with the theme park has more than 20 slides and water-based attractions and boasts 70 Lego models.

Get your swimsuit ready for a day of splashing fun.

The Angry Bird Activity Park – Everyone’s Favourite Game Comes to Life!

The popular game has now come to life  in a theme park just across the causeway! Photo: OlegDoroshin /
The popular game has now come to life in a theme park just across the causeway!
Photo: OlegDoroshin /

Bridging the digital world with the physical world, the Angry Birds game has come to life at the Angry Birds Activity Park in Johor Bahru. The indoor park (rain or shine, yay!) covers 26,000 sq ft and is strategically located in the premises of KOMTAR JBCC, Johor Bahru City Centre’s newest premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination.

The state of the art Angry Birds Activity Park is easily accessible and offers a wide variety of fun games and attractions suitable for toddlers, kids, youths and parents alike.

At the Angry Birds Activity Park, the whole family can experience the fun and excitement of racing to the finish line in pedal cars, climbing to the top of ‘pig-built’ structures and leaping from tall heights.

Whether you’re knocking down pigs, playing in the game lounge, or dodging lasers on your quest to claim the golden egg-steriod, you’ll be sure to find fun around every corner. And, who knows, you might even meet an Angry Bird or Bad Piggy in person!

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