Experience Korea: Autumn/Winter

Andong Hahoe Village is another UNESCO World Heritage site

Korea is a true gem with beautiful nature spots, preserved traditions and cultural heritage sites, as well as good food

Mesmerising natural scenery, mild days and clear weather during autumn, delectable cuisine and much more make Korea truly attractive as a destination.

Breath-taking Scenery

From a distance, Seongsan Ilchulbong in Jeju, also known as Sunrise Peak, looks like a giant crown. It rose from the sea in a volcanic eruption over 100,000 years ago.

Many visitors love to hike up from Seongsan Village to its peak, a 40-minute trek, to catch its imposing sunrise. As you stand on the summit, the dawn envelopes you in shades of red and orange. It is simply unforgettable.

With its well-preserved tuft cone and diverse flora along a sea cliff, this volcano has pride of place as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Oedolgae Rock was used as a filming location in a 2003 drama serial, Daejangguem. It is easy to see why.

The rugged beauty of this 20m rock pillar, its lovely surrounding islands, and the tragic, romantic legend behind it all add to the mystery of this place.


Gwangjang Market
Gwangjang Market

Jagalchi Market & Gwangjang Market

For a slice of Korean life, visit Korea’s largest seafood market, Jagalchi Market, and see the indigenous natives’ lifestyles during the Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival held in October.

Intrepid travellers can polish off fresh raw fish there, and women selling mackerel, sea squirts and whale meat on wooden boxes mill around.

If textiles appeal to you more, visit Korea’s first covered market, Gwangjang Market, for silk, satin and linen sheets. Gwangjang Market is also Seoul’s prime stop for street food lovers.

At its centre, tightly-packed stalls sell a range of Korean street food classics. Chomp on traditional Korean food such as mung bean pancakes.

Bibimbap is a rare find as you don’t usually see it sold on the street in Korea. The one here is made with barley and rice.


Oedolgae Rock has been used as a filming location
Oedolgae Rock has been used as a filming location

Intriguing Culture

Visit traditional wooden houses, or hanok, which go as far back as the Joseon Dynasty. Today, Namsangol Honok Village and some other villages operate as guesthouses, cultural centres and tea houses.

Andong Hahoe Village is the birthplace of renowned scholars of the Joseon Dynasty, located at the foot of Hwasan Mountain.

Its unique sights include the grand Nakdong River flowing around the village, the impressive Buyongdae Cliff, as well as scenic beaches, and lush pine trees.

Be sure to drop by the Bulguksa Temple, another UNESCO World Heritage site housing important relics and the Golden Seated Vairocana Buddhist Figure.

Appetising Cuisine

After all the sightseeing, feast on Hanjeongsik, a full-course Korean set meal with an extensive array of savoury side dishes, main dishes and hot pots. You will literally be eating like a king, as this cuisine originated from banquets served in royal palaces or from the homes of aristocrats.

You can also warm your tummy with the nutritious Black Pork Hot Plate, with black-haired pigs in Seongeup Folk Village.

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Photos: Korea Tourism Organisation