Enjoying the sun & shooting the breeze in Summer Bay

Take life slow and easy on one of Malaysia’s secluded virgin islands, away from the crowds of the other more frequented beaches


(Photo: Summer Bay Resort)

Malaysia, look at what you’ve been hiding! This large sprawl of territory is home to a wealth of secret holiday hideouts, including barely-touched picturesque islands.

You would likely have heard of Redang and Tioman islands – beautiful but by now all too popular with the tourist crowds. It’s time to uncover more that our scenic neighbour has hidden.

I travelled deep into the country with experts in Malaysia tourism from Konsortium Express and Tours, and they unveiled to us a most stunning picture.

Sit Back and Relax

Konsortium is the exclusive travel partner that connects Singapore to Summer Bay Resort. You can travel in the utmost comfort – whether with friends or family, or for a company retreat.


Because our destination lies on such untouched waters, it takes ten hours by bus to get to Merang Jetty in Kuala Terengganu, followed by a 20-minute ferry ride to the island. But for such a lengthy journey, Konsortium makes it extremely comfortable. The hours fly past in the blink of an eye, thanks to the soft reclining seats that you can snuggle in.

If you book the Executive Coach, you can easily burn some of the hours in the on-board lounge. Play cards or have a drink as you watch the rustic little streets of Kuala Terengganu zoom by.



Along the way, you’ll be brought to the best diners and rest stops for you to fill up on. Planned by experts in Malaysia who know where all the good stuff is, Konsortium Express and Tours’ routes reveal dining options most recommended by locals.

Stunning Sights and Surprises

The welcoming sight of Summer Bay on Lang Tengah Island made the ride fully worth it. A 72ha islet near Kuala Terengganu, Lang Tengah is paradise lost – but now found.




(Photo: Summer Bay Resort)

The white crescent shore yawns out into a bright blue ombre sea, fronted by a jetty. Summer Bay is a haven, and the waves are smoother on this side of Lang Tengah.

It’s quiet, and it’s private. There’s no fighting over lounge chairs on the beach or by the pool; and no noisy crowds disrupting your afternoon laze. There’s a large snorkelling area here where you can spot some spectacular marine species, like giant parrotfish and little clownfish peeking out of anemones.



Corals and marine species are currently being grown in the shores of Summer Bay Resort

Corals and marine species are being grown in the shores of Summer Bay Resort (Photo: Summer Bay Resort)

Your time spent at Summer Bay will always be exciting. Sign up for different trips organised from morning to night, and experienced guides at the resort will show you the highlights of Lang Tengah.

We took a day trip out to snorkelling hotspots at the nearby Redang Island. Even if you can’t swim, the guides – who are expert divers – will happily pull you along on life buoys so you won’t miss out on the bright corals and teeming marine life in the cool waters.


Take a day trip out snorkelling to other hotspots at the nearby Redang Island

Take a day trip out snorkelling to other hotspots at the nearby Redang Island

Lang Tengah is situated on a Marine Park belt, where corals and aquatic wildlife are protected by law. Because of this conservation effort, the island is home to a very special surprise that only pops up at night: a seabed rock that twinkles blue. A local guide will take you out to witness this truly magical discovery.

The Hakuna Matata (No Worries) Life


(Photo: Summer Bay Resort)

Not only are Summer Bay’s guides great at leading you out to sea, they’re perfect at singing too. Here’s a pleasant surprise: They double as crooners at the resort bar that opens at night!

Grab a drink and enjoy the laid-back tunes as you lounge under the starry night sky, or live it up loud in one of the karaoke rooms, which open until 3am.

Meals throughout the day are held in a spacious cafeteria overlooking the beach, perfect for catching the sunrise and sunset over a hearty meal. There’s also a midnight café for your late-night mee goreng and nasi cravings.


(Photo: Summer Bay Resort)

Summer Bay is that slow, relaxing getaway you’ve been fantasising about. It’s especially recommended for couples who’re looking for a stress-free and romantic oasis to escape to – there are plenty of scenic spots that reveal different facets of this beautiful atoll.

Head out to the end of the jetty at night at high tide, and you might be able to spot glowing cuttlefish carried in by the current. Towards the end of the beach is another pier that leads out into the horizon. Here, you can catch a glimpse of a black-tip shark that often prowls the clear shore.


(Photo: Summer Bay Resort)

In snorkelling waters that front the resort (don’t worry, no sharks here), corals are being grown and new species of rare fish slowly being introduced. In time, you’ll be able to see an enormous heart-shaped coral!

We’re always searching for that untouched sanctuary near us. Summer Bay is all that and more.


By Pamela Chow

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Weekender would like to thank Konsortium Express and Tours and Summer Bay Resort  for their hospitality and for making this trip possible.

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