Explore Japan’s Countryside: 8 Beautiful Places To Visit In Kochi Prefecture

Get to know the rural side of Japan

Yes, it's true; the Weekender team found ourselves in Japan once again! After exploring Central Japan, Okinawa, and Western Japan, we set out on a rather different adventure this time. We took the Japanese domestic ANA airlines to Kochi Prefecture.

One of the four prefectures in Shikoku Island, Kochi abounds in farms and coastal towns facing the vast Pacific Ocean. With a small population and much fewer tourists compared to other Japanese cities, the natural landscapes and historic remains in Kochi are very well-preserved in their beautiful, original state. Not to mention the food is incredibly fresh and unforgettable. Here are some of our favourite spots that you have to visit when in Kochi.

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2. Kochi Castle

In Japan, there are only 12 castles remaining that are still preserved in their “original” architecture, and Kochi Castle is one of them. Constructed in the 1600s, this majestic castle in Kochi city has survived the chaos of World War II and many fires and earthquakes. And yet, the 15 buildings within not only stand strong, but also retain the beautiful Edo Period architecture and showcase the feudal history of Japan. In addition to checking out the castle interior, the external grounds around it also deserves a tour. A public park was built surrounding the castle, and it’s often used as a venue for cultural festivals to enjoy all four seasons of Japanese flowers, including cherry blossoms.

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