Walk above the clouds

Gear up for a hiking expedition of a different kind when you visit one of the most ancient mountain formations on earth


Towering at 2,772m, Mount Roraima, Venezuela, was once part of the super-continent Gondwandaland, where South America and West Africa were connected. When the continents drifted apart, Roraima’s tepui (“table top”) summit fractured, creating the rugged square cliffs we see today.

There is only one way up Roraima: Climb its natural stair-like formation. But the trek is worth it, as the tepui peak awards a sprawling view of clouds, blanketing the water baths and grassy plains that seem to yawn beneath your feet.

Roraima is also home to some highly-rare species, such as orchids and heather plants.
By Natalie Kwan