Marvel At South Korea’s Spring Beauty

Let EU Asia take you on a journey through South Korea’s best natural attractions and prime viewing spots for spring blooms

What better way to bask in the joyful season of spring than by taking in the sight of beautiful flowers?

Not many may know this, but Jeju Island and Namiseom Island in South Korea are among the best places to view the spring blooms while enjoying other memorable sights, tastes and sounds of Korean culture.

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Here’s a glimpse at what you can look forward to in EU Asia’s 8D6N Spring Korea + Jeju package.

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

UNESCO World Heritage site Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, which emerged from the sea more than 100,000 years ago after a volcanic eruption, is located on the eastern end of Jeju.

At the top of the peak lies a huge crater — about 600m in diameter and 90m high. With 99 sharp rocks surrounding it, the crater looks like a gigantic crown.

The peak begins from a sloping grassy hill connected to Seongsan Village, rising and ending in cliffs that drop off into the sea. During spring, you’ll get to enjoy the pretty sight of bright yellow canola flowers covering the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak.

Seongeup Folk Village

Thatched roofs, stone statues, black lava rocks and black-haired pigs; these aren’t things you’d typically expect to find in Korea, but they are icons of Jeju’s unique Seongeup Folk Village. This small town has survived generations and stands today as a living time capsule of Korea’s past.

Treasures to be found here include straw-and- stone residential houses, Confucian shrines and schools, ancient government offices, stone statues and monuments, ox-pulled millstones and fortress ruins.

You can even catch traditional folk plays, native foods, folk craftsmanship and local dialect. Look out for the 1000 year-old zelkova tree and the black-haired pigs (Tip: Jeju black pork is said to be very nutritious).

Namiseom Island

One of the best spots in Korea to view the cherry blossoms is on Namiseom Island, a tiny crescent-shaped islet 30 minutes away from Chuncheon and little more than an hour away from Seoul.

The island is famous for its stretches of tree-lined roads, which burst into romantic pink alleys during the cherry blossom season.

It is also filled with chestnut and poplar trees, which you’ll get to view on a special rail-bike tour. Hop on a twin-quad bike and take in the scenic sights of Namiseom Island’s natural beauty.

Mount Seorak Sinheungsa Temple

In Gangwon-do lies the historical Shilla temple at the foot of Mount Seorak. This monumental landmark was built by Jajangyulsa (590-658), who traveled to famous mountains all over the nation during Queen Jindeok’s reign.

It was destroyed and rebuilt many times, attesting to its importance in local history. Walk along the bridge across the ravine and you will find the impressive Bronze Jwabul Statue towering more than 10m high.

Everland Resort

Korea’s largest theme park is a must-visit when you’re in town. Everland Resort, located in Gyeonggi-do, boasts the famous T-Express — Korea’s first wooden roller coaster, as well as various theme parks in one stop.

Everland is also home to 2,000 animals that inhabit Zootopia and 20 species of safari animals in the Lost Valley.

If you’re lucky, you might catch one of the resort’s many year-round festivals, such as the Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, Summer Splash, Halloween Festival and Romantic Illumination.

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