Away we go with just a $100 plane ticket

Are you late on the holiday bandwagon? It’s okay, we’ve got you covered with these low-cost getaways that are in the vicinity and also cheap! Don’t miss out on these promotions for budget airlines and low-cost carriers.

Bangkok – Rod Fai Market

From $79, Jetstar. Promotion ends when sold out.


The Rod Fai Market, or also known as the Train Market, is an open-air bazaar selling an incredible array of vintage items and memorabilia from the yesteryears, from antique furniture to hippy fashion, almost like Haji Lane in Singapore, but with makeshift tents and stalls.

The Rod Fai Market will definitely prove to be a hit amongst all your hipster friends and perhaps even friends who are obsessed with the good old days.

Phuket – Old Phuket Town

From $69, Tigerair. Promotion ends when sold out.


Discover a whole different Phuket – no beaches, no resorts but plently of culture from Phuket’s past. Come marvel at the Sino-Portuguese architecture left during Phuket’s riches from the tin boom of the last century.

Krabi – Railay Beach

From $56, Tigerair. Promotion ends when sold out.


Railay Beach is a coast in the south of Thailand regarded as a luxurious tropical paradise. However, the area is rather isolated and only accessible by boat because of the high limestone cliffs that cuts off mainland access.

With that being said, Railay still is a popular destination amongst families especially with much to do for both the adventurous – rock climb and white water raft, and the individuals seeking to just relax and rejuvenate.

Cebu – Kasawan Falls

From $111, Tigerair. Promotion ends when sold out.


Kasawan Falls, located near the southern tip of Cebu, consists of three main falls, all from the same source but of varying heights. Cottages are available for rent for overnight stays at the falls. Check out their ‘shower massage’ – rent a raft, get under the waterfall for both a shower and a massage.

All prices are correct at time of printing.



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