You Can Now Chope Your Seats On Jetstar Lah

 Jetstar flights to offer Singlish version of the familiar on board announcements

Video: Jetstar

This year’s April Fool’s Day, Jetstar gave Singaporeans the surprise of their lives when their official website appeared in Singlish.

Come National Day, 9 August, these familiar colloquial slangs will make a return!

Customers flying into Singapore on selected Jetstar flights can expect to hear a Singlish version of the familiar on board announcements, made by the pilots and cabin crew.

We’re guessing this will be a dream come true for the many fans who’ve been requesting for an actual singlish flight, following Jetstar’s ingenious April Fools’ prank.

If you want to hear some lahs and lehs on your 9 Aug flight, be sure to comment on the airline’s Facebook page, and who knows? Your captain might just kick off your flight with an “Ah boys and ah girls, remember to fasten your seat belt ah!”

Catch a sneak preview of the reactions on board their first Singlish flights here: