Hong Kong’s Sham Shui Po Is Now A Newly Refreshed District You Must Visit

The historic neighbourhood is a hub for shopping and eating

Photos: Hong Kong Tourism Board

If you’ve ever been to Sham Shui Po, you’d know that the old Kowloon neighbourhood is lined with markets where retail and culinary treasures abound.

But behind the cheap goods and old buildings lies the story of this historic neighbourhood – one of Hong Kong’s poorest districts, Sham Shui Po plunges the visitor right into the authentic working-class experience in Hong Kong. You can stroll along the open-air markets and watch how young and old artisans run their family textile businesses, before tucking into some mouth-watering street food.

Fuk Wing Street

In a bid to promote Sham Shui Po as the newest ‘must-visit’ tourist destination, the Hong Kong Tourism Board has recently revamped parts of the district and highlighted its cultural history to visitors from around the world. Take a self-guided walking tour and explore various hotspots as personally recommended by locals.

Nam Cheong Street (Ribbon Street)

Included in the walking guide are the famous shopping streets, such as Tai Nan Street and Nam Cheong Street, where generations of designers and craftsmen continue to patronise. There, you can experience how the craft of textiles manufacturing has infused Sham Shui Po since the 1950s and 1960s.

Photo: Hong Kong Free Press

Be sure to get to the shops early in the morning before they open for business, to catch the hidden gems of the district – the colourful ‘shutter art’ painted by local artists on the closed shutters of certain shops. Download the HK Canvas app for a handy map that points you to all the graffiti locations, great for capturing the local culture for the ‘gram.

Kung Wo Beancurd with Brown Sugar

Also known as a mecca for foodies, Sham Shui Po delights in super affordable yet delicious and satisfying eats. Join the long queues for the pig’s liver noodles at Wai Kee Noodle Café, and savour the famous silky-smooth beancurd pudding from Kung Wo Beancurd Factory.

The street snacks are so awesome at Sham Shui Po, some are even Michelin-recommended! Head over to Kwan Kee Store to try the red bean pudding (chai koh), or sink your teeth into the scrumptious cheong fun at Hop Yik Tai.

Chee Cheong Fun from Hop Yik Tai

If you still need more convincing to mark Sham Shui Po down for your next trip to Hong Kong, check out this cool time-lapse video inside the heart of the neighbourhood, shot by local resident and award-winning videographer Alex Rodriguez: