7 Stunning Birds-Eye Pictures Of Beaches

Take in the world's tropical paradises from a different perspective

For travellers who have admired islands and beaches from our plane windows, we'd be hard pressed to be able to capture a truly beautiful birds-eye shot that isn't obstructed by the pesky airplane wing.

While we entertain the thought of buying and packing a drone with us on our beach vacations, we're perfectly happy to stare at these stunning photographs of beaches around the world, taken in oddly satisfying composition and symmetry.

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Photo: Ignant

2. Miami, Florida, USA

Belgian photographer Antoine Rose, who is also known for his aerial photography, captured pastel-coloured snapshots of Miami’s beaches while being strapped onto the outside of a helicopter, “300 feet above the earth at 20 knots”, he writes on his website. Talk about going to lengths for the perfect shot!


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