6 Hello Kitty Planes You Wish You Can Collect

I’ve known some Hello Kitty collectors who own virtually everything Sanrio produces. But EVA Air has topped them all with their fleet of Hello Kitty Planes.

EVA Air has gone full speed ahead with their Hello Kitty concept. Six specially selected planes have been kitted out with full kitty regalia. Not only are the exterior of the planes emblazoned with these lovable character, the interior have been as well.

Here is a showcase of EVA Air’s new Hello Kitty planes and their routes:


#96_Hello Kitty Eva Air Plane 1

Hello Kitty Hand-in-Hand Jet, a Boeing 777-300ER built for long-haul flights, has 19 Sanrio Family characters of different shapes and sizes. Standing side-by-side, characters reach across cultural barriers to invite new friendships from around the world.

It will fly its regular schedule from Los Angeles to Taipei schedule starting Sept. 20.



#96_Hello Kitty Eva Air Plane 6

Hello Kitty waves her magic wand and sprinkles shining stars across the sky. It’s a dream come true to fly through the air on a joyful journey. EVA Air marks its 20th anniversary with its new-generation jet. It’s decorated nose to tail with classic images in a chorus of nostalgic warmth and cheerful expectations.

This model alternates with the Global Jet theme on daily flights between Taipei Songshan and Tokyo Haneda and between Songshan and Shanghai Hongqiao.



#96_Hello Kitty Eva Air Plane 5

Hello Kitty is 5 apples high and weighs 3 apples.The loveable character and apples are forever linked. Red and green symbolize Hello Kitty and EVA Air flying together. The vibrant colours decorate the blue sky and inspire fresh, fun tastes on a memorable flight.

Hello Kitty Apple Jet, featuring red and green apples, flies daily between Taoyuan International Airport and Incheon International Airport near Seoul, South Korea. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between Taoyuan International Airport and Fukuoka Airport near Fukuoka, Japan.


#96_Hello Kitty Eva Air Plane 4

EVA Air brings destinations closer with Hello Kitty and her friends posing next to destination icons from around the world.

Hello Kitty Global Jet alternates with the Magic Jet on daily flights between Taipei’s close-in Songshan International Airport and Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport and from Songshan International Airport to Shanghai’s Hongqiao International Airport.



#96_Hello Kitty Eva Air Plane 2

Free-floating speed puffs were once only make-believe in Chinese mythology. EVA Air brings speed puffs to life, whisking you through blue skies on a smooth, relaxing flight.

Hello Kitty Speed Puff Jet makes daily flights from Taoyuan to Tokyo Narita. It is also used on daily flights between Taoyuan and Hong Kong.



#96_Hello Kitty Eva Air Plane 3

The moment you board our Hello Kitty Jet, your melodious journey begins as fanciful music creates happiness in the air.

Hello Kitty Happy Music Jet, featuring Hello Kitty characters and musical notes flies daily between Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport and Chitose outside of Sapporo and from Taoyuan to Guam on Tuesday and Saturday as BR20 with a Wednesday and Sunday return.

The Hello Kitty Music Jet also flies to Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and other gateways in Southeast and Northeast Asia on unscheduled times.

If you want to fly Hello Kitty from Singapore

EVA Airs Hello Kitty flights departing from Singapore will start on Dec 4th – 20th, 2014. To get your Hello Kitty flight experience, you must book on these introductory charter flights (not regularly scheduled flights).

The Hello Kitty Charter flights will be housed on an Airbus A330-200 which will consist of 24 Premium Laurel seats and 228 economy seats. The Hello Kitty plane theme will be subject to aircraft scheduling.

Hurry, these are limited to 9 flights only during this period.


Exclusive travel agents in Singapore selling EVA Air’s Hello Kitty flights now

Ticket sales for the Hello Kitty flights will only be available through exclusive travel agents. The agents will be selling full board tour packages themed with the Hello Kitty flight. Limited seats per agent are available across each departure date.

Interested passengers can contact any of these travel agents for package information and ticket sales:

  • Chan Brothers Travel
  • CS Travel
  • CTC Travel
  • Dynasty Travel
  • Green Holidays
  • New Shan Travel

Information is correct at publication. For more details visit visit EVA Airs website.

By Frank Young with excerpts from EVA Air