A smaller world with newly-opened routes

Thanks to new routes that have recently opened or are opening up soon, more beautiful places in the world can be easily travelled to, and at attractive prices


Travel to new regions in 2016 with travel routes that have recently opened. 


The world is indeed your oyster, and while oft-traversed areas still remain beautiful, the more frequent of flyers may be fishing for new sights to discover.



Rolling in with the New Year is a number of new transportation routes that will open our eyes and being to whole new parts of the world. Here are the most attractive new places to visit in 2016; some at equally-attractive prices.




Fly out to Guam for less than $800 with Cebu Pacific’s new Manila-Guam route. 


From Mar 15, Cebu Pacific Air will fly direct from Manila, the Philippines, to the beautiful Micronesian island of Guam.

Village fiestas, weekend sports events and “boonie stomping” — hikes to protected areas such as snorkelling sites, waterfalls, ancient stone pillar grounds and World War II sites — are some of the unique experiences awaiting you on this island.

Soon, thanks to Cebu Pacific’s new route, we can fly from Singapore to Guam for less than $800* in total. Low-cost carrier flights from Singapore to Manila average between $70 and $150 (one-way).

From Manila, one can then hop onto Cebu Pacific’s new flight to Guam, with fares starting from US$156 (about $224). The Manila-Guam route will run every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.




The Kirmes summer fair in Düsseldorf is a top attraction among the city’s numerous carnivals. (Photo: Chris Green / Shutterstock.com)


Often forgotten in the shadows of its more illustrious cities, the posh and modern city of Düsseldorf is in fact a trove
of surprises.

Sleek and boundary-pushing archi-tecture dots this economic hub, hosting a colourful calendar of carnivals, festivals and fashion and trade shows. The summer Kirmes funfair — the biggest on the River Rhine — is especially popular.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is slated to begin flying to Düsseldorf on Jul 21, with flights from Changi Airport operating three times a week.




The famous Dragon River Bridge, or Rong Bridge, in Da Nang, Vietnam. (Photo: CPM PHOTO / Shutterstock.com)


You may have heard several good things about Vietnam’s third-largest city,

Da Nang, from its newfound modernist hotels and restaurants to spectacular bridges streaking across the Han River. Some even recommend booking a night tour of Da Nang for a different feel of the city, as well as combing through its streets for local bites.

Now, travelling out to Da Nang just got easier. Budget carrier Jetstar has opened a direct route there, with flights available for as low as $52 (one-way). While in Da Nang, you can hop on a taxi ride to the neighbouring city of Hoi An from Da Nang Airport, for about US$25.




Hangzhou is peppered with marks of rich history, such as this ancient pavilion on the West Lake. (Photo: chungking / Shutterstock.com)


You now have more reason to visit the Chinese state that has inspired and impressed countless poets, artists and royalty. Low-cost carrier Scoot now flies to Hangzhou, where you can enjoy scenes straight out of classical Chinese watercolour paintings, from willow-lined lakes and rivers to ancient pagodas on misty mountains.

Flights between Hangzhou and Singapore operate every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and return tickets are available at less than $300.




Tulips blossom at Canberra’s Floriade Festival in Spring. Last year, Canberra was rated by Lonely Planet as a must-visit destination for families. (Photo: Nadezda Zavitaeva / Shutterstock.com)


Canberra is the capital of Australia, but visitors often forgo it for larger metropolitan cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Despite its small size, Canberra has a mix of experiences that will take tourists by surprise, thanks to its eclectic combination of plush city life and relaxing natural landscapes.

For instance, you could be sipping award-winning coffee in town one day, and spend the next night sleeping in a luxury lodge with just a glass wall between you and a bear.

Canberra used to be relatively harder to fly to but now it is home to an impressive new international airport. SIA will begin flying to Canberra from Sep 20, with four flights a week. They will depart from Singapore on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.


By Pamela Chow


*Prices derived from various airline websites and may vary.