7 Stunning Cycling Trails In The World

Experience a whole new world by taking an exhilarating ride through one of these beautiful travel destinations

By Pamela Chow

If you’re always on the lookout for a different travel experience, cycling is a great way to burrow into a country and unearth its lesser-known sights and sounds. We uncover the most impressive biking trails around the world for cycling pros and enthusiasts alike.

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Cycling is an easy and fun way to get around Taipei, with cheap rentals available at train stations in the city and bicycle paths in the outskirts. (Photo: For the Words / Flickr.com)

City cycling: Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan has more than 100km of bike paths in the northern part of the island alone, which means plenty of scenic trails to discover even for travellers who are familiar with the popular peninsula.

In the capital city of Taipei, the city government has set up dedicated biking paths and YouBike rental kiosks for cyclists to get around, both within the city centre and by rivers and parks.

YouBike can be found near train stations and major buildings and parks, with a free map and more information available at www.youbike.com.tw.

Other key tourist paths have shops renting bicycles for as little as 20 NTD (80 cents) an hour. One popular cycling path is the Taipei Circle Trail, which traces the circumference of the city (58.8km) from the east, along the shores of Keelung and Jingmei Rivers, to Taipei Zoo in the south. Check out the full route on gov.taipei.

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