7 Places To Explore In South Korea (That Isn’t Seoul!)

So much more than just the country of K-pop and Bibimbap!

Known worldwide for being the home base of K-pop, Korean dramas and food— South Korea's capital city, Seoul, is known as the place to visit when jumping on the "Hallyu-wave". But when all's Seoul-ed and done—We're here to tell you all about these other amazing places to explore when your next adventure takes you to South Korea!

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7. Udo Island

Named after a cow in a lying position, the quaint island of Udo is located off the eastern coast of Jeju Island and is easily accessible by ferry. The island boasts a multitude of things to do such as fishing, bike trails, sand massages and submarine tours.

Do check out the iconic Seobinbaeksa Beach while you’re there, famed for its white sand and emerald-coloured waters. One must also trek the Jeju Olle Trail, offering breathtaking views of the sea, vast fields of barley and rye, and the white coloured lighthouse.

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