7 Hipster Hotspots In Australia That Aren’t Even Cool Yet

From bespoken coffee brews to unique wine creations, Australia is a cornerstone of modern subculture

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No stranger to contemporary cafe culture – and certainly no amateur in the coffee and wine scene – Australia has earned its mark as hipster central on our side of the hemisphere.

Whether you’re into chilling out with the cool crowd, or simply up for trying out a unique concoction or three, here are seven spots to check out on your next trip Down Under.

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Photo: sydney.com

1. Surry Hills, Sydney

The city of Sydney is so hipster that its government website has a curated list of alternative events that fuel the underground culture. Among its listings, Surry Hills is a standout.

An uptown inner-city suburb that has long shed its rough rag-and-bone past, Surry Hills is a mecca for those hunting down a smashing cafe or bar (that, if you’re lucky, isn’t cool yet) – think rockabilly steaks (available at Portena) and a cafe where half your bill is donated to charity of your choice (Gratia).

Bargain hunters, take note: This suburb plays host to themed monthly markets and chic vintage stores stocked along Crown and Bourke Street.

Surry Hills, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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