7 Eco-Farms To Explore In Taiwan

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Sometimes a city crusader needs a break. And what better way to have your well-deserved breather than tending to the fields of Taiwan?

While the vibrant hubbub of the metropolitan city never fails to thrill and excite, Taiwan offers up a quieter way of life with eco-tourism - an initiative embraced by the country's government in 2002. Sought by the jaded urbanite, ecological tours are held at an array of farms, boasting diverse agricultural practices of fruits, vegetables and animals.

We embarked on these tours ourselves, where we picked fruits, pet animals and met some of the strong-headed farmers. Most of the farms are inherited by these resilient agriculture leaders, who not only embrace simpler virtues, but also champion over the reliance of modern technology.

Here are seven of such eco-farms not to be missed when in Taiwan:

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2. Dapingding Passionfruit Orchards

Did you know that a fallen passionfruit, if caught before it hits the ground, is sweeter than the one that isn’t? We learned of this trivia at the Dapingding Passionfruit Orchards, where a net stretches across the plantation to safely catch the ripened fruits. With origins dated back in 1995, the orchard is well-seasoned with matured passionfruit trees that are said to yield better harvest. And because it is a tropical plant, the passionfruit tree boasts fruit that are ripe for the picking year-round! Passionfruit picking takes place either from early in the morning, or at 4pm onwards when it is cooler.

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