5 Unexpected Destinations Genting Dream Cruise Will Take You To From Singapore

You’ll get equal parts fun when you disembark at these island paradises


Earlier, we acquainted ourselves with Genting Dream‘s luxurious cabins, towering rock climbing walls, water parks and its popping dance club. And if you’re still not quite sold on getting onboard this massive nautical cruiser, perhaps these five regional destinations that you’ll be transported to may change your mind.

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1. Surabaya, Indonesia

Like its name suggests, Genting Dream Cruise’s Treasures of Indonesia itinerary will bring you to one of the country’s treasured cities – Surabaya in East Java. Away from the usual tourist spots such as Jakarta and Batam, the quieter area still allows for an authentic Indonesia experience, such as visiting historic sites or eating its signature spicy curries and soups. Other exciting highlights include a visit to House of Sampoerna Cigarette Factory, feasting at G-Walk and photo-ops with the Suramadu National Bridge that runs between Surabaya and the neighboring island of Madura.

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