How I Survived A 22-Hour Flight Without Entertainment

Travel hacks for those long-haul journeys without in-flight entertainment

For many, in-flight entertainment on long-haul flights is a life-saver. I mean, what better way is there to burn all those hours in an enclosed capsule than to catch up on all those blockbuster movies you missed?

But on my recent solo flight (22 hours, no less) to New York from Singapore via Beijing, I discovered that not relying on the entertainment system actually left me well-rested for my travels.

Yes - I managed to survive without touching the small screen. Even the air stewardess was astonished that my earphones were left clean and unopened.

Here are five tips - not counting sleeping and meal times - you can try:

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5. Nail down your beauty routine 

Cabin air is notoriously dry and dirty (it is, after all, recycled air) so your skin will be exposed to all kinds of impurities. Stock up on your favourite hydrating masks, serums and face mists for the long flight.

Don’t be bothered by any comments on how you look weird with your sheet mask on – just know it’s definitely going to be worth it in your quest for better skin. Now, you’ll always be ready for a selfiewhen you’ve got your glow on.

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