5 Reasons To Visit Istanbul

A beautiful city rich in culture and heritage

Divided between Asia and Europe, Istanbul has played host to a myriad of cultures and ancient civilisations. Today, it’s a buzzing city of diversity and architectural attractions. We list five of the many reasons why you should make Istanbul your next to-go destination. By Marlene Tan 

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Credit: Turkish Embassy Tourism & Information Office Malaysia

4. Grand Bazaar

With over 4,000 stalls spread over 30,700 square metres of streets and alleys, the Grand Bazaar is the largest covered market, and one of the oldest in the world. It’ll be prudent to check out a map of the bazaar first to make sure you don’t waste time finding your way around the market, looking for what you want, be it jewellery, antiques, carpets or even Turkish delight. The stalls are grouped according to the goods they sell. It’s best to set aside an entire day for the bazaar.

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