5 Awesome Jobs That Pay You To Travel

Talk about work envy - these jobs pay you to explore cool places and test stylish products

So you want to see the world, but you've only got money for a one-way ticket and the streetsmarts of a cactus.

Now, if only there were a job that could finance your travels, while maybe even setting you up with some cool gear to go with.

If only...

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Photo: Columbia

2. $39k to travel and test Columbia gear

Travel jobs may seem glamorous but they can be tough – and this Columbia job listing is an extreme example of this. The outdoor-wear brand takes in two adventurers every recruiting period to test their products – and this pertains pitting the gear and their own bodies against the most unforgiving conditions on Planet Earth.

Called “Director of Toughness”, the applicants will also become brand ambassadors and share their reviews of the latest Columbia products on their own social media.

Best of all, the job pays a sweet $39,000 plus benefits. Well, if you’re going to defy death every other day, they better at least provide dental.

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