10 Reasons Why Boracay Should Be Your Next Summer Escapade

Feel the summer vibes all year round on this island in the Philippines

Photos & text: Trip101

A small island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines, Boracay is primarily known for its beaches, vibrant nightlife and rich waters for watersport enthusiasts.

Boracay’s main beach, often referred as White Beach, is divided into three parts: Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. At Station 1's where the luxury hotels and other premium facilities are at, while Station 2 is known as the food and party hub. If you are looking for privacy, head to Station 3, the quietest part located at the southernmost corner of Boracay.

Here are ten things that make this one of the Philippines’ most popular beach destinations:

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2. Go island hopping

Frolicking at White Beach is satisfying on its own, but Boracay’s less-crowded corners and the nearby islands are also worth exploring. If you wish to see other parts of Boracay, you can join an island-hopping tour.

Most of these tours visit Puka Shell Beach, sometimes referred as Boracay’s Hidden Gem, for its unspoilt and uncommercialised shores.

Another must-see is Crocodile Island. Don’t worry, there are no dangerous creatures here – it’s named because it looks, from a distance, like the head of the reptile.

Other quieter beaches you can visit are Ilig-iligan Beach and Lapus-Lapus Beach.

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