10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Manila

The Pearl of Orient summons you for an adventure not to be missed


Manila is a city that has experienced both poverty and disasters of various scales. But despite all that, is still well known for her beautiful sights and culture. Here are some of the attractions the country has to offer:

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2. Meet marine wildlife 

Those who are intrigued by marine wildlife will find the Manila Ocean Park a dream come true as it gives new meaning to the phrase ‘close up and personal’. For starters, the modern Atlantis features the Aquanaut Voyage – an attraction that allows visitors to meet the marine residents by fully submerging in their water habitat.  They will be wearing a special astronaut-like helmet for air. Other attractions include hand-feeding penguins at The Penguin Quest, and interacting with the predators of the ocean at Sharks and Rays Encounter.

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