#WeekenderTries: Fight Wrinkles With Skinjexion

This tried-and-tested treatment will combat fine lines and wrinkles for younger looking skin

Photo: Estetica

Estetica Store Front

Urban legend has it that if you smile too much, irreversible laugh lines will form on your face.

We kid.

That said, it’s not uncommon for signs of ageing, like lines and wrinkles, to start forming in our late 20s.

While I might not be ready to embrace Botox in a bid for younger looking skin, I was keen to try Estetica’s new SkinJexion treatment.

The non-invasive facial treatment combats wrinkles for youthful skin, by targeting three different levels of the skin.

It slows wrinkle formation, smooths wrinkles by relaxing and attenuating skin contraction, and reduces wrinkle depth through hydration and restoring the skin’s elasticity.

Tried-and-tested: My session started with gentle cleansing and an exfoliating scrub, followed by facial extraction, so as to purify and thoroughly cleanse my pores.

Once my skin felt squeaky clean, Erfusion Serum HA-BX was applied for wrinkle reduction by means of relaxing and smoothing lines.

Following which, the aesthetician massaged my skin with a rich firming cream for a dose of hydration — it absorbed just as quickly as it was applied.

Soon after, I dozed off as she proceeded with micro-needling, a collagen induction treatment to help with the healing of old acne scars. This was accompanied by a vibrating handpiece, which would aid my skin in absorbing the serums better.

Then, my skin was pampered with the unusual Endothermic Twin Mask in a startling shade of bright red. It soon dried to a rubbery texture but left my skin feeling incredibly supple.

Verdict: Despite the thorough extraction process, there was no redness at all. Instead, the facial treatment left my skin with a pleasant lifting effect, which left me looking rather rejuvenated. My jawline also looked a little sharper than before.

If you’re looking to ease signs of ageing, the SkinJexion treatment does a pretty decent job. Plus, it’s certainly more affordable and less risky than medical-cosmetic injections!

The SkinJexion Facial (90 minutes) is available for $350 at all Estetica Beauty Studios.