#WeekenderTries: Hydrashine Regenalift

Well loved by Korean celebrities, this precise treatment is a quick yet lasting fix for skin concerns

Photos: Knightsbridge Clinic


It’s not uncommon to see beauty products promoting results like glowing complexion or smaller pores, but how swiftly do they work anyway?

For busy girls with little time to waste in their pursuit for radiant skin, there’s the option of HydraShine Regenalift, a treatment that’s been highly popular in countries like Korea and Taiwan.

Available at Knightsbridge Clinic, the treatment uses a special and precise topical delivery system to deliver necessary nutrients into the skin.


Delivering nutrients straight to the skin

To put things into perspective, the treatment introduces specific serums into the skin at a precise depth of 0.6mm to 1.6mm — depending on the thickness of the individual’s skin.

This allows for the exact placement of the nutrients into the optimal skin layer, thereby stimulating the cells directly.

In preparation for the treatment, a thin layer of numbing cream, followed by a cling wrap, was applied to my face to aid absorption.

About 20 minutes later, Dr Joshua Chong started the treatment by using a topical delivery system to precisely ‘inject’ HydraShine Serums into my skin. Each time, five droplets of HydraShine Serums were introduced into my skin.

To say it didn’t hurt at all would be a lie. That said, the sensation felt like gentle needle pricks all over my face — it took me awhile to get used to it.

As the treatment went on, an assistant was on hand to massage stem cell serum into my skin to soothe it. This helped immensely in making the experience more comfortable than I’d thought it’d be.

For the final step, my skin was treated to a cooling stem cell mask, which hugged the contours of my face nicely and left it feeling rejuvenated.

Lasting effects

After the treatment, there were a couple of faint needle marks on my cheeks and chin. Slight downtime is to be expected for the next three days, so don’t go making big plans like a hot date!

Thankfully, I was able to conceal what little marks were left of it by the next day, with a bit of foundation. Three days later? It was obvious that my pores were smaller and my skin; smoother and more supple.

It’s no surprise that HydraShine Regenalift is so adored by Korean celebrities, considering its lasting effects — possibly up to a whole year, with three treatment sessions.

Price starts from $650 per session.