6 Ways To Make Unicorn Hair Happen

Ever wanted to be a unicorn? Well, now you can, with this trend


By Elizabeth Lee; Cover photo: Shutterstock

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any whackier than Paddle Pop hair, netizens have truly outdone themselves. Enter: The unicorn horn hairstyle.

The secret? A whole lot of hairspray, we reckon.

1. For the more meticulous, we have carefully braided looks.

2. Then there are headpieces which can possibly pass off as art

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Broken crayons still color- Stained glass Unicorn I want to start by saying thank you for inspiring me and sharing your love of art with all of us. I want to be part of the Unicorn Tribe because I share the same passion and excitement as the community you have created. We love what we do, and see the world as a colorful beautiful place, just like the people in it. I have been part of this industry since I was 16 starting as a towel girl. I have been blessed to work as an educator, full time stylist, education and creative director, HSN on air guest, and also own/develop two hair extension companies- @loxextensions and @loxstudio. This year was the toughest year for me due to unfortunate business relations. Although it almost broke my spirit, and there was a lot of doubt I would be ok, nothing would take away the love I have to create and share my passion. I was so excited to see the contest posted, because I am in such a better place this year compared to last surrounded by so many that inspire me. It was a perfect opportunity to challenge myself and express how happy I am inside. This is my 15th year in the industry and I would absolutely love and be honored to join the tribe. Thank you for all that you do! #modernsalon #newyearunicorns #unicorntribe #loxextensions #figosalon #pravana #beautybykirstyn #hairporn

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3. Some twirled versions…


4. Worn short

5. Some slap on a headband and call it a day

6. Or, just go full-on unicorn.