Make Your Flat a Loft

A four-room HDB flat becomes a loft-inspired studio apartment that’s perfect for a sophisticated bachelor

A typical family of five living in a four-room HDB flat may feel the tight pinch of space, but for the bachelor staying here, the apartment size with a floor area of 1,000 sq ft is a luxury. Inspired by lofty studio apartments, the homeowner approached Chew Interior with an idea to liven up the home and give it a stylish makeover.

The main idea, reveals chief designer Crestin Tan, was to integrate the design with the owner’s expectations and lifestyle. From the choice of colours to the spatial layout, the design team was always aware that the result should be sophisticated and stylish.

Colour Play

A bachelor pad like no other

“The choice of colours was a main consideration,” shares Crestin. “The homeowner wanted a darker masculine base for most of the home, and we then interspersed the interior with bright accent colours.”

As such, the design team gave the home a palette of deep neutral colours like shades of brown and grey running through all the rooms. This was then contrasted with bursts of lively colours, like lime green on the wardrobe and cheery yellow upholstery on the sofa.

The colour combinations work well, and even factor in future trends as the homeowner can easily change the accent colours over the years.

Bright and cheery dining area
Bright and cheery dining area

Open Space

In keeping with the requests of the owner, Crestin’s team wanted to maintain a natural flow from room to room.

“The living room is the centre of the home. From there, we wanted to have a clear line of sight into the other areas of the apartment.

So we took away the bedroom doors and replaced them with black metal frames and clear glass,” adds Crestin. The same treatment was given to the kitchen entrance for a consistent look.


73 home

Being the only occupant in this house means that the homeowner has no need for three bedrooms. Instead, he requested for the rooms to be combined into one luxuriously large area.

The newly-formed room now stretches across the apartment and incorporates the en suite bathroom, a raised sleeping area, a walk-in wardrobe and a corner dedicated to the study room.

Crestin reveals that the design was really a collaborative effort with the client. “He really knows what he wants in terms of the look and feel of the home, and that really helped with the process.”

Home Design By Chew Interior

Article first published in Lookbox Living #34, Nov/Dec 2013
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