Easy Ways Tech Will Make Life Easier in 2016

Tech Storm is back with tech ideas to cure your post-Lunar New Year blues and to make life easier for you this year

By Jason Teo

The Lunar New Year may have just passed but 2016 has barely begun.

We’ve picked a handful of tech ideas or services that will help you to add some pizazz to your year ahead, or to simply make life easier for you.


1. Cure your post-Lunar New Year blues

Is life duller after the Lunar New Year gatherings and festivities have ended? Here is one fun app for you to relieve your boredom.

The Fortune Coins mobile app has a God of Fortune themed game that is similar to the addictive Coin Dozer game. This is the virtual version of Coin Dozer that is commonly found at carnivals and arcades!

Scoot over Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga; time for something else to take the reign this year. Fortune Coins’ game is rather addictive. We can vouch for this considering we spent about ten minutes or more of our lives playing and laughing at the game in one sitting.

If you think commercial jingles are annoying, wait till you listen to this app’s background music. It is so epic that it will give your grandparents a new conversation topic.

Fortune Coins is on Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.



2. Provide free Korean and other Asian dramas

The Lunar New Year is always a time to watch Asian drama serials or Chinese movies as you gather with your extended family. This shared experience of entertainment doesn’t have to end there.

With Viu on mobile, you can get live and on-demand Chinese entertainment in the palm of your hand. Viu offers catalogue of about 10,000 hours of Asian content.

K-drama fans will be delighted as more than half of that belongs to Korean dramas. How about snuggling up with mom and catching her favourite dramas with her?

Visit www.viu.com or get Viu on Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.



4. Provide virtual help for your chores

Just because spring cleaning for the Lunar New Year is over, it doesn’t mean you never need to clean your home again.

Cleaning the home can be a nightmare, or at least a real chore. Why not get some extra help, all at a click away?

PageAdvisor has put together a nifty list of cleaning help — everything from air-con servicing to sofa cleaning and even car wash. So, no excuses for your house looking like a pigsty at any time of the year.

You can even place a delivery order for pastry or wine for you to binge as you clean, or to reward yourself after.

Visit www.pageadvisor.com or download the app with Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS.



4. Get food delivered to your doorstep

Talking about food, if we’re going all the way in making our life more convenient this 2016, let’s start by making it easier to fill our bellies.

These days, pretty much every service from personal grooming to groceries can be ordered on-demand with your smartphone, and conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. With this ease at your fingertips, why not beat the crowds at restaurants or the hawker centre and order some delectable dishes to be delivered to your home instead?

Deliveroo delivers in an average of just 32 minutes, at a flat fee of $3. Life is starting to sound better already. Do note that some of the restaurants are in the more premium range and could cost more.

Check out their menu here www.deliveroo.com.sg


Tech Storm wishes you a relaxing and meaningful 2016.



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