The most important thing to bring on vacation

If you ask me, I would go with my Digital Compact Camera, ideally a Canon Powershot SX60 HS. Why? Let me tell you


Most of us pack a full schedule when we go overseas. Just visualize this; 9am we are at Taroko National Park and by 10am, we will be at Yehliu Geopark. Now imagine a 7-day itinerary trip covering sights and senses that you will never find in Singapore. How do you remember all that? That concludes why the most important thing will always be my Digital Compact Camera.

Zooming in the details

The Canon PowerShot SX60 HS is the first Digital Compact Camera that rises up to the function of having the world’s longest zoom. We have long known that DSLRs work best in zoom settings, what with the array of zoom-specific interchangeable lenses at their disposal. But this promises to perform the same function but without the annoying bulk.


A optical zoom doubling

How many times have you seen photographers precariously perching themselves over edges and balconies just to get a closer shot of their subject? Never risk that again with the newest function of this nifty camera. There is a 65x optical zoom doubling when it is extended to 130x zoom. Now you can perfectly capture even the smallest spots on giraffes when you visit the zoo!

Continuous shooting for continuous activity

This is especially important for sports photography. How can you show off photos of you partying it up at the World Cup 2014 if every single player you photograph looks like a blur? With this new function, not only can you hold the button and let the shutter do your job for you, but you can also be assured that at least 3 out of the 10 continuous shots taken will be a stabilized, sharp one.

Photo tips:

DO make sure that when in continuous mode, the lighting ideal at the point of the first photograph shooting so that you do not end up with a stream of photos in unusable, bad lighting.

By Nicole Lee