Hello Kitty Meets Pac-Man In This Nostalgia-Filled Mobile Game

Hello Kitty is set to weave through mazes, nom on dots and avoid ghosts in the resurgence of this ’80s game


One lacks a mouth, while the other has a wide set of chompers.

So what could Hello Kitty and Pac-Man possibly have in common?

Even so, Sanrio and Bandai Namco have announced a partnership to bring together these two unlikely characters in a themed update to the Pac-Man app, which is now available as a free download for Android and iOS devices on Google Play and Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Can’t wait to play? Get cracking with the download as it is available for only a limited time until 19 Aug.

The adorable collaboration will also feature special in-game integrations, themed levels, customised icons and special ghosts.

Some themed levels feature maze walls with the word “HELLO” and even adorable heart shapes.

In true Helloy Kitty fashion, the menacing ghosts will bear the cat’s iconic bow after Pac-man chomps down on a power-up.

So if you’re fans of either character, don’t forget to download the nostalgia-filled arcade game asap!