Greater connectivity with your followers

Your followers want to be updated – what you’re doing, what you’re wearing, what you’re eating. You can now share these with them easily!

The Canon PowerShot N2 camera is really convenience in the size of a palm, especially with straight-to-social-media and Wi-Fi connectivity

The Canon PowerShot N2 camera is really convenience in the size of a palm, especially with straight-to-social-media and Wi-Fi connectivity

With the slew of gorgeous cafes popping everywhere, how can you resist not snapping a photo of yourself at each of them? Do not let the vintage bicycles and neon signboards go to waste! Strike a pose, snap the photo and share it with your friends! Your Instagram followers will be so envious of you.

Instead of just introducing your newest hangout by tagging the location, why not upload photos of yourself posing sweetly against the décor while sipping on coffee? Without needing to say a word, you would be giving weekend inspirations and date ideas to your adoring followers. How about that?

But how do you get great selfies or photos to upload to your social media pages?

Convenience in a Camera

The Canon PowerShot N2, a fantastic selfie camera, comes in adorable pink and stylish white. It fits perfectly onto your palm and snugly into any handbag.

Packing an inventory of functions despite its small palm-sized build, it compromises nothing on image quality. The 360-degree shutter ring, especially, helps you to take great selfies with greater ease.

Anytime, Anywhere with Wi-Fi

Two of the key functions of the Canon PowerShot N2 are its Wi-Fi and connectivity with the Canon CameraWindow app. Downloadable from the app store, Canon CameraWindow is an app that allows the user to transfer the photos taken on the Canon PowerShot N2 onto your smart devices. This easy image transfer takes under a minute!

Enthralled by the colourful birds and performances at the Jurong Bird Park? Share that with your followers! Take a video with the camera, seamlessly transfer it over onto your smart devices and then upload the action and burst of colours onto your social media pages!

Direct to Facebook or Twitter

The Canon PowerShot N2 is built for the social media savvy! After a short and simple configuration of the camera to your account, the direct-to-Facebook option will allow you to immediately post the photo or video onto the mega sharing platform.

Imagine being at your favourite band’s concert and hearing the lead singer announce that the next song is going to be the song that catapulted them to fame. How could you not record that in video for fellow fans and friends?

Whip out your Canon PowerShot N2 and after recording the song being performed live, upload it effortlessly with just a click!

Photo Tips

DO consider remote shooting if you are trying to take a selfie against a wide background with your Canon PowerShot N2.

  • Step 1: Simply place it on a ledge or similar surface.
  • Step 2: Position yourself against the background.
  • Step 3: Click on the shutter wirelessly with your smartphone!

There you have it, a perfect remote-controlled selfie!



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