7 Easy DIY Chinese New Year Decorations You Can Make With Your Red Packets

Even prettier than what you can buy outside, because you made it!

Apart from the yummy snacks, it’s not really Chinese New Year without the red and auspicious decorations. Skip the mass-produced lanterns and crackers; give your home a unique festive spruce-up by making a few crafts yourself. What better way to spend some quality time together with your family during the holidays than DIY-ing awesome crafts? And you already have the main materials right at your disposal – extra red packets! You’ll impress your party guests, and you’re going green!

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1. Angpao Piggy

Just two red (or pink!) packets – one for the body and one for the head – is all you need to make one super cute piggy! And a marker to draw in the face at the end. They make good table top decorations beside your family photos or festive goodies!

Click here for more close-up shots of different sides of the pig.

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