De-stress On The Go With These Colouring Apps

Get in touch with your creative side with these apps

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Colouring is not just for children. It’s been known as a source of relaxation, therapy and expression. With more adult-centric colouring books in the market, grownups have also turned to colouring and art to help destress.

However, in a fast-paced society like Singapore, we’re always on the go. These nifty colouring apps enable you to start colouring wherever and whenever. Whip it out when you’re in the MRT or having a quick coffee break and let those creative juices flow.


1. Colorfy

I like Colorfy for its large range of intricate drawings including famous masterpieces that I can colour in on my own. My only complaint is that I can’t save my masterpieces directly to the camera roll. Instead, the app would rather you share your work on Facebook or Twitter.



2. Adult Coloring

Adult Coloring has simple designs that you can colour in within five minutes and intricate designs that can take hours. Simply pinch and zoom in to paint in the finer details.




3. Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy has beautiful designs but most of the better pictures require payment to unlock the images. Try out the free pack to see if this is the colouring app for you.

The app is more customizable since you can create your own colour palette and shades, making it the most comprehensive colouring app in this list.



4. Recolor

With mostly simple designs that you can easily fill in during a quick MRT ride, recolor is a fuss-free app that will help you get in some quick colour therapy. The bright colours and variety of shades help the image pop.



5. Pigment

Pigment has a wide range of pictures that you can colour in for free. I love the cute doodle section that can be used as a screensaver for my phone once I’m done.