11 Best Tried-And-Tested Tips For Pokémon Go

Are you as obsessed with Pokémon Go as we are? Time to up your game!

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It's official — Singaporeans are addicted to Pokémon Go. How else can you explain the hordes of people roaming parks and streets at odd hours of the day, eyes glued to their screens?

Even attractions like the zoo and safari, along with malls and dining establishments, are adding Pokémon Lures to their locations, in hopes of drawing crowds. We say if you can't fight em', join em'.

Here are the best in-game tips and tricks we've gathered:

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10. Be smart and pick your battles

The best way to win a gym battle? Know how the fights work. First of all, master the key strokes.

Fast Attack (tap): Tap your Pokémon to perform a fast attack. Fast attacks charge your special attack meter.


Dodge attacks (swipe): Swipe left or right to dodge attacks.

Special Attack (long press): Once your Special Attack meter is charged, long-press your Pokémon to perform a special attack to cause large amounts of damage.

Secondly, know which opposing types of Pokémon are best-suited to take your opponents down.


Normal: Fighting

Fire: Water, Ground, Rock

Water: Electric, Grass

Electric: Ground

Grass: Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug

Ice: Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel

Fighting: Flying, Psychic, Fairy

Poison: Ground, Psychic

Ground: Water, Grass, Ice

Flying: Electric, Ice, Rock

Psychic: Bug, Ghost

Bug: Fire, Flying, Rock

Rock: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel

Ghost: Ghost

Dragon: Ice, Dragon, Fairy

Steel: Fire, Fighting, Ground

Fairy: Poison, Steel

11. Visit places with Pokémon Lures

Since its launch, malls and dining establishments have been pulling out all the stops to attract trainers to their premises — from Pokemon lures to irresistible discounts, and even detailed maps. There’s no reason not to head outdoors and catch some of these monsters now.


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