Tay Ke Wei: “I’m Secretly Bad At… Cooking!”

We caught up with the homegrown singer on one of her recent trips back home


She’s sung with the likes of A-mei, David Tao, Wang Lee Hom and JJ Lin, and has gone on to release three successful albums in the Asian market. The 33-year-old also staged her first full length concert this year and debuted her first television appearance on the show “My Squad Is Better Than Yours”.

We sit down with busy-bee Tay Ke Wei to talk tech tips and tricks.

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Hi Kewei, what have you been busy with lately?

I’ve been busy filming “My Squad Is Better Than Yours”, which just wrapped up. I also just finished five mega shows in 10 days. I fell really ill after that so I guess I have to rest and take a break after this crazy period. My body is sending me a warning signal saying it can’t tahan (take it) anymore.

So, whose squad would you want to be on?

In the show, we were randomly assigned our team, but I was really proud to be on the same squad as Tosh Zhang, Aisyah Aziz and Inch Chua.

We had to come up with creative stunts and whacky ideas. We gave our best performances every single week. It’s a very memorable time for me to work alongside with them — we put up a very good show.

How has technology connected you and your fans?

I do rely heavily on technology. Besides using it to record music, I use Facebook Live every Monday at 11pm to connect with fans.

They get to see my impromptu performances; the very real me. Many do make an effort to tune in, make music dedications, chat and interact with me. On gloomier days, they also cheer me up. It’s pretty heartwarming!

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