Impressive Singapore Fashion Labels You Should Know

Support these amazing homegrown labels with pride

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Don’t get me wrong – I love luxury and haute couture. I enjoy buying bags from French design houses, shoes from Italian brands, and clothing from English, Swedish and American labels.

However, when it comes to standing out at events and functions, I often turn to local designers to get my dose of fashion inspiration. Why? I personally feel that they are on par with many international brands worldwide.

Local designers have an acute sense of fashion, and draw inspiration from personal experiences and all things familiarly Singaporean.

Some of them have made it to local fashion weeks and international competitions, and even ventured out of Singapore by setting up brick and mortar stores worldwide.

Here are six local brands you should take note of the next time you go shopping:

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1. Love Bonito

A decade down, Love Bonito now brings us fast fashion pieces, statement apparel and important occasion outfits. The brand has managed to keep their prices down by keeping to an online retail store and pop-ups, with every design restricted to a certain quantity to keep the consistent quality of every piece.

Shop here if you want to revamp your wardrobe essentials – or even settle your bridesmaid dresses.

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