5 Updates That Made Us Open Pokémon Go Again

100 new Pokémon in December, x4 XP and Player vs Player Battles (finally)

Cover photo: Myimagine / Shutterstock.com; Photos: Courtesy of Niantic

If you've set aside your Pokémon Go obsession, it might be time to pick it back up again. Niantic has just announced a line-up of updates for the end of the year, some of which are features that we've been pining for since the start of the game.

While you're at it, why not take the game on some of your real-life Pokémon adventures - check out the Pokémon Run, a Research Exhibition, life-sized Pokémon and collectible plushies at the airport and the return of the Pokémon Cafe.

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Photo: YouTube

4. 100 new Pokémon?

According to various sources, Niantic is reportedly planning a huge Pokémon Go update for December that will include more than 100 new common and Legendary Pokémon. Among the new Legendary Pokémon are Mew and Mewtwo, and there may be Gen 2 Pokémon as well.

This was revealed by an analysis of the game’s code by people associated with web-scanner PokeVS, which showed before-and-after comparisons of the code. It remains to be seen if the update will come all at once or over time. Perhaps we can look forward to an advent calendar of new Pokémon.

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