Paris Fashion Week 2018: 5 Trending Styles We Love

Fresh off the runway and into our wardrobes!

Paris Fashion Week saw the big names going all out— Chanel bringing beach vibes to the grand palace, Christian Dior's ballet-themed show, Miu Miu channelling old-school teenage looks and Balenciaga turning the spotlight on 'Neo-tailoring' with their futuristic 'Bionic' glamour—bringing about endless surprises and lots of promise for the future of fashion in the upcoming seasons.

In all honesty, some of these big label pieces may be a little too out of our price range, but don't you fret! We're here to bring you some of our favourite trends based off fashion week— so that you too can look fresh off the runway, without breaking the bank!

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Gucci Spring-Summer 2019 Show

3. Eccentric Accessories 

Fashion is all about the theatrics, think Gucci’s Micky Mouse Head, Maison Margiela’s mobile phone holster boots and Jacquemus’ ridiculous micro-bags. All it takes is bold guts, creative vision and a mind full of eccentrics to carry these off with the utmost confidence.


LOEWE Bunny Mini Bag Natural, $2350.00

MOSCHINO [TV] H&M Condom clutch bag Materials: Polyester, $179.00

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