Pantone Announces New Fall/Winter Colour; Make Way For Mellow Rose!

Believe me— No matter how old you are, you’ll always be smitten by pink!

Pantone has announced its Fall-Winter 2018 colour— Mellow Rose! Most of us would expect warmer tones along the lines of Red Pear or Martini Olive, but what really surprised us was this year’s colour that not only reminds us of spring (ironically?) but also appeals to the hearts of the girl within us! At first glance, Mellow Pink looks like a dusty pink with a subtle grey undertone, and is in fact, extremely complementary with our yellow-toned Asian skin—unexpectedly beautiful indeed! Of course, if you’re born with naturally pink-toned Snow White-esque skin, you’ll find that this colour seems to have been birthed with you in mind!

Most people have reservations about the colour pink in general, limiting it to only for kids. but in actual fact, gives the illusion of youth with its age-defying array of shades— something that will appeal to most ladies whether you’re aged 8 or 80!

Now get ready to hop onto the Mellow Rose trend, with our pick of 11 pink fashion items to get you started.

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BODYISM Karolina shell hooded jacket, US$199.00

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