5 Highly Wearable Fall/Winter 2016 Trends To Try

Although it’s summer all year long for Singapore, you can still pull off these five trends effortlessly

Although we are still in the heat of summer, boutiques have already begun updating their racks with the latest Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter collections. We know, the fashion cycles can be pretty confusing to tropical dwellers.

Nonetheless, if the notion of Fall/Winter season apparel brings to mind thick fur coats and cosy knits, think again.

The colder seasons have beckoned wearable elements like silky velvet, flowy A-line pants and even florals (previously a staple of the cheery spring season).

If you’re keen to try out these highly wearable trends, we’ll show you exactly how:

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1. Race For Lace

Lace and tulle have always been popular among designers to spin off into various runway looks. Light, gauzy lace that skims the body just so, is perfect for adding a feminine edge to any outfit. Brands such as Valentino, Gucci and Chanel have also incorporated these sheer materials as part of their Fall/Winter 2016 collections.

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