Ready For The Gym: 5 Functional And Stylish Essentials For Your Next Workout

These items keep you comfortable and looking cute as you sweat it out

For many of us, working out feels like a chore. Worse still is not having the right essentials that would provide you more comfort and help you be more effective in the gym. Make working out a smoother and fun experience by having the following essentials and accessories ready for the next time you hit the gym. We bet putting together a stylish look like this one would also get you to feel more excited about going to the gym, because who says function and fashion have to be mutually exclusive? Pack your gym bag with these new items, and say hello to better workouts!

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5. bkr Spiked Glass and Silicone Water Bottle 500ml, $60

Hydration is so important when you exercise. Bring a reusable water bottle whenever you hit the gym, so you won’t need to buy bottled water – good for your wallet and the Earth! Reusable water bottles are so much prettier, anyway, like this unique spiked bottle. Don’t worry, the spikes are not actually sharp! The sleeve is made of smooth silicone that allows for a firm grip, while the glass body of the bottle ensures your water stays fresh and free of chemicals you often get from plastic bottles. There are a few colours to choose from to go with your look, too!

Available at Sephora.

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