Singapore Fashion Week: The fashionista’s event of the year

If you didn’t get to see the new fashion collections on the runway, fret not – Weekender caught the action and here’s what you missed

Left to right: Elohim, Tex Saverio for Love Bonito, Dzojchen

Left to right: Elohim, Tex Saverio for Love Bonito, Dzojchen

Who said Singapore doesn’t have any creative blood? Just a couple of weeks ago, the Singapore Fashion Week (SFW) 2015 was in full swing at the Tent@Orchard, where both local and international designers came to showcase their work.

Weekender was invited to be in the thick of fashion action and here we bring you some of the highlights from the shows.

A Future in Fashion for Singapore?

To support our home-grown talent, SFW 2015 invited three Singapore designers who’ve gained international traction – Priscilla Shunmugam of Ong Shunmugam, Sabrina Goh of Elohim and Chelsea Scott-Blackhall of Dzojchen.

Alongside these local designers was Tex Saverio for Love, Bonito – a local blog shop that famously collaborated with one of the designers for the Hunger Games costumes.

At the Dzojchen and Elohim show, their latest collections went down the runway as part of the pilot edition of Fashion Futures, a programme to catapult the local fashion scene into the international market place. From what we saw, the Tex Saverio for Love, Bonito show was impressive as well.

Chic, Sleek and Flirtatious

With a pop of gold and olive here and there, the Dzojchen collection mainly had a monochrome colour palette that revolved around the sexy working lady look. Shorts, jumpsuits, plunging V-neck and thigh-high slit skirts are pieces not usually associated with formal or working wear but this collection shows how it’s done.

It was an eye-opening spectacle on the runway. We wondered what more surprises were in store.

Left to right: Benjamin Barker, Elohim, Dzojchen

Left to right: Benjamin Barker, Elohim, Dzojchen

Perhaps Not Extraordinary Enough

Elohim featured two ranges of clothing during the show. The first had a black palette with a very structured and strong feel to it. It was a very basic collection but it did play with the fabrics and structures of the outfits, which made up for the absence of prints or designs. While the second range had a brighter colour palette with reds, whites and prints, it might have looked a little too ordinary.

Who Says Men’s Fashion is Dull?

Benjamin Barker, an Australian menswear label, landed on the runway of SFW 2015 to showcase its stylish line. While the collection played with a large colour palette from pastel colours to the stronger colours like maroon and dark blue, it had fun with various fabrics as well.

Apart from just cotton, there were wool blends and velvets to spice up the collection. It certainly spiced up our night!
Singapore Fashion Week 2015 took place from May 13 to 17, and Weekender was present to witness our island being launched into fashion future.
By Rydell Tan



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