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New local blog shop Preenk sells well-made and pretty frocks

By Cheryl Chia

Blog shops have a bad reputation for producing cheap and low quality goods but local blog shop Preenk has found a place between affordability and luxe designs.

The limited amount of stock on Preenk helps to reduce the chances of someone else wearing the same outfit as you.

Cheap & Luxe

A spokesperson for Preenk says, “While luxury brands can leverage on their edge in quality and craftsmanship, their price tags can be disheartening for many of us. On the other hand, one of the most significant competitive edges blog shops have over larger competitors is that they offer cheap products.”

“However, their quality is often compromised and you risk bumping into someone who wears the same clothes as you. So we try to find that sweet spot between cheap and luxe,” says the spokesperson.

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