The Gift of Surprise

Our ultimate gift guide continues! Now it is time for the gifts that will surprise your loved ones. That is, if you can bear to hand them over!

Christmas is a time to celebrate and be joyous. How better to tell someone you love them than giving them a gift from your heart? You have exhausted the same old mugs and the tiresome photo frames – surely you can do better than that! Here are some of our wackier choices for a bigger reaction this gift-giving season!

Stainless Steel Camera Lenses Coffee Mug $18.90 onward)

Camera Lenses Coffee Mug

This is a model copy cup and not an actual lens. Made of food grade PVC plastic materials with a stainless steel interior, this creative mug is definitely safe to use for drinks consumption. How better to impress your photography fanatic of a sibling than with this nifty mug?

Available on Qoo10 

Ma Hou Pao Tee ($29.90)

Ma Hou Pao Tee

Loosely translated, “马后炮” basically means a cannon behind the horse. It is a local, Singaporean way of saying “extra la” which in turns means to give belated advice or to say something pointless after an event has happened. This gift is ideal for that uncle who talks too much – talk about a subliminal gift!

Available at

Pamper Essentials: Bliss ($87.90)

Pamper Essentials: Bliss

Pamper your skin with Mt. Sapola’s Pamper Essentials series. The Bliss series bundles up all you need to re-create the full spa experience at home with a matching home scent reed diffuser or room spray. Have an aunt who has been showing off her newly-installed bathtub? This would keep her pacified for a while!

Available at Mt. Sapola

iFly Experience ($90.00 onward)

iFly Experience

Experience true free-fall conditions, just like a real skydive. Every flyer will enjoy two skydives in the flight chamber. The time is takes for each skydive is equivalent to falling through the air from 12,000 to 3,000 feet! What better gift for an athletic brother who sees mountain hiking and parachuting as child’s play?

Available at iFly, Sentosa

Ultralight Adult Scooter ($129.90 onward)

Ultralight Adult Scooter

Be prepared to splurge – this ultralight kick-scooter is great for both adult & children. Turn every head as you cruise the streets effortlessly with its 200mm wheels. This is the perfect gift for a colleague who stays too near the office to justify a bus trip, and yet too far to bother walking to!

Available on Groupon for a limited time only

SimplyFresh Grandma's Garden Box sample selection (dependent on seasonal harvest)
Grandma’s Garden Box ($138.00)

Grandma’s Garden Box

The box will include staples like carrots, potatoes, beetroot, pumpkin and turnip, sweet leeks, tomatoes and onions, and hearty cauliflower and radicchio that take you right into the heart of a European grandma’s own garden. I know my grandma would take a look at this box and in a second, decide which to plant and which to cook for dinner!

Available at

By Nicole Lee