Fash snips: coach, uniqlo, dior, baby-g, melissa

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Coach’s Spring 2015 collection takes you on a journey across America that combines the sub-cultures of music, skate and surf. The new collection explores the tension between utility and luxury, celebrates individuality as well as creates unexpected juxtapositions.

Now, you’re ready to take on a new season in style.




To some, comfort is key when purchasing an outfit. Is it possible to look good and feel comfortable at the same time? Absolutely! Known for its comfort, the J+ collection elevates basic garments into functional, minimalist and elegant pieces.

Available at Uniqlo.


Dior Electric Rubber Collection


Beat the heat in style, with Dior’s new Mydior sunglasses. Giving a bold and acid-bright look, this classic item with its couture lines has been reborn with the addition of rubber in brand new colours.

Available in deep and sky blue and pale pink hues.




The wild and bold leopard print watches by Baby-G are now available in Singapore! They perfectly personify Baby-G’s “Tough and Cool” image and are bound to turn heads and elevate any casual street wear and monochrome ensembles.


Melissa Shoes


A child’s mind is an endless whirlwind of imagination coupled with a sense of quirkiness. How do we show this through a child’s appearance?

Melissa shoes bring to life childhood fantasies through pairs of eco-friendly footwear. With these shoes, Moms only need to worry about convincing their young fashionistas to take them off.

Available in MDreams stores.