These Adorable Shoes Will Make Your Disney Dreams Come True

Wear your love for Tsum Tsums on your feet

By Samantha Francis


Which is your favourite Tsum Tsum?

Who knew that shrinking popular Disney characters into bun sized creatures would make them a million times more adorable than they already are? But if a growing range of collectible stuffed toys, an arcade game and a smartphone app are anything to go by, Tsum Tsums (derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning ‘to stack’) have captured the hearts of many.



The slip-ons come with removable and exchangeable character slick ons.

Fans of Tsum Tsum can now wear their love for the stuffed toys on their feet. Come Mar 30, Taiwanese online shopping site Grace Gift is set to release some new and utterly irresistible Tsum Tsum shoes.


We’re eyeing those Olaf flats.

In addition to their existing collection of slip-ons and sneakers, the new Tsum Tsum flats will feature a variety of characters including Mickey, Minnie, Mike Wazowski, Donald and many more. Each pair will retail for TWD $1,580-1,680 (SG $67 – $71).

Tsum Tsum flats are available via international shipping from Grace Gift.