Dating Tips From A Real-life Cupid

Juicy details on Singapore’s dating scene from a professional matchmaker

Photos: GaiGai

Are you curious about the local dating scene, and why singles are finding it so tough to get a good date these days? So were we. Wanting to suss out dating tips and common concerns, we spoke to Chief Matchmaker of dating service GaiGai.

Dolly Chua, 30, has two years of matchmaking experience under her belt. The real-life Cupid puts down her bow and arrow, and shares with us what she thinks singles should do to take a shot at a great date.

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Could you give our readers some tips on how to have a successful first date?

You should prepare yourself physically and mentally before going out on the first date. Pick out a date-appropriate outfit and most importantly, check your personal hygiene – fresh breath, clean nails and a little splash of perfume or cologne would be a nice finishing touch.

Prepare conversational topics, questions for your date and interesting experiences to share. The best conversation topics are ones that you would be most excited or passionate about. It could be your travel experiences, sports, TV shows, music and other hobbies.

What is the most common mistake people make on a first date?

I would not talk about an ex-lover on the first date, as you may appear to still be hung up over that person. I would also avoid talking too much about yourself. You don’t want to seem full of yourself.

Instead, ask more questions to initiate conversation to express interest in your date. A major faux pas committed by both genders would be getting excessively touchy too soon. A light tap on the arm, hand or the shoulder would be appropriate for the first date.

In your opinion, what is the top reason why some are still single?

In general, many hardworking singles put dating as a lower priority. It’s important to have a good work-life balance.

Another issue is being too picky and setting unrealistic standards. I have encountered people who turned down a date because because their match was an only child or of a certain birth order.

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