The Best Looks From The Met Gala This Year

With a theme like ‘camp’, we only expected the most extravagant and creative outfits!

Every year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (otherwise known as the Met) has a black-tie event held the first Monday in May to raise money for their Costume Institute. Known as the Met Gala, it’s where celebrities and fashion icons gather to show off their best interpretation of the year’s theme.

This year, the theme is simply ‘camp’ – inspired by writer Susan Sontag’s essay, Camp: Notes on Fashion. Well, if you don’t want to read through the whole essay, basically, ‘camp’ is “love of the unnatural… the spirit of extravagance”; and is all about fusing creativity with your own personal identity!


With all the dramatic flair and kaleidoscope of colours, you might have found yourself a little dazzled and overwhelmed – so we’ve rounded up some of the most creative, and dare we say, campiest ensembles at the gala for you to appreciate!

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1. Lady Gaga

Long-known for her outrageous outfits (meat dress, anyone?) Lady Gaga wowed with not one, not two, but four outfits by Brandon Maxwell. Incorporating her hot pink and black outfits as part of a playful routine that included a striptease, dancers, champagne and an oversized cellphone; it was like the theme of camp was made for Lady Gaga herself. Everyone else – take notes!

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