#WeekenderTries: The Spray On Nail Polish

Here’s how you can achieve the perfect manicure with just a single spray

By Lynn Yang; Photos: Courtesy of Nails Inc nails 1 Who wouldn’t want a perfect manicure with zero blotches and minimal wait time? In this week’s #WeekenderTrends, we explore the latest trend of spraying on your nail varnish, instead of applying it the traditional and laborious way — layer by layer.

How does it work?

First, apply a base coat and allow it to dry. Shake the nail varnish can from a distance of 10-15cm and spray the polish directly onto the nail area. Do remember to cover the surface that you are spraying onto, so as to prevent stains. For a longer lasting manicure, apply a top coat after the nail varnish coat is dry. If you have any excess polish from skin and cuticles, you can wash away the excess with warm soapy water or use facial wipes when on the go. Voila! You will be left with a perfectly applied manicure.

Where can I get it?

The Paint Can Spray ($25) from England-based nail bar chain Nails Inc, is currently stocked at Sephora Singapore. Another similar product is the Spray Paint Lacquer from Seoul-based make-up brand Pony Effect, created by the brand’s owner and makeup artist Pony. However, it has only been launched in Korea till date and is only available via online shopping channels such as shopandbox.com or airfrov.com.

Does it work?

No doubt, the traditional method of applying nail varnish offers the opportunity to fix tiny mistakes as layers are applied one at a time. However, spray-on nail polishes eliminates downtime, allowing you to have perfect nails in less than ten minutes. If you tend to accidentally ruin your nails in the middle of the drying process, the spray-on method might just be your saviour.