7 Awesome Singaporean Beauty Brands We Love

Your beauty solutions are closer to home than you know

Text & main photo: Samantha Francis; Styling: Elizabeth Lee

With more local skincare and makeup brands popping up in the market, we now have more options than ever.

Looking for something organic or fuss-free? These seven brands all have two things in common: they’re made by Singaporeans and suitable for our humid weather.


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7. Mt. Sapola

Known for its expertise in aromatherapy and use of 100 per cent pure ingredients, Mt. Sapola also focuses on delivering targeted solutions for improving the skin. Its revamped Xetract skincare line lets users ‘redesign’ their skin with customisable and affordable single-ingredient supplements.

We love: Mt. Sapola Retinol Xetract ($38.90), available at Mt. Sapola stores.


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