7 Awesome Singaporean Beauty Brands We Love

Your beauty solutions are closer to home than you know

Text & main photo: Samantha Francis; Styling: Elizabeth Lee

With more local skincare and makeup brands popping up in the market, we now have more options than ever.

Looking for something organic or fuss-free? These seven brands all have two things in common: they’re made by Singaporeans and suitable for our humid weather.


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1. Allies of Skin

With his flawless looking skin, it’s hard to imagine that Allies of Skin founder, Nicolas Travis, once struggled with terrible outbreaks and a lack of confidence as a teenager. His beauty brand was born out of the desire to empower people with fuss-free products that are concentrated, multi-tasking nutrient reservoirs.

We love: Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask ($109), available on www.alliesofskin.com.

Read our interview with Nicolas here.

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